World Book Day 2016

What a fantastic turnout and what great fun! Well done all children and staff for making such a fantastic effort with your costumes! Thanks to all the adults who have helped with them! Remember – books are for life ..not just for Christmas! Get reading!



Harry the reading bear!

Harry’s tale is a sad one – but one with a very happy ending! A poor, homeless bear, who loves nothing more than reading any book, Harry who was not only homeless, also struggled to turn the pages of texts with his giant fluffy paws. I know, I know, it’s sad!
Don’t worry though, the wonderful children of Peters Hill have come to his rescue! Not only have they given Harry a new home – guardian of our new library, they also read to him if he ever sneaks out the Library and into their classrooms! Who needs fluffy paws when you have our fabulous children?We never know when he’s going to appear so we all get very excited to find him in our classes! We all like the odd snuggle with him too! We love you Harry and we love nothing more than reading to you




Welcome to our amazing new Library!

Our new school Library is almost complete and ready for use! We have finally created a variety of  wonderful story based seating areas for our children to sit in and enjoy reading, and are currently putting the final books onto our Library system and onto the shelves, ready for use! It is all very exciting!

Our aim is simple Рwe want to  create a Library area that encourages every single child at Peters Hill Primary to enjoy reading, helping to create a lifelong love of reading for pleasure, that will stay with our children long after they leave us! The children are desperate to get into the Library so we know we are on the right tracks!

Not only will all children be able to regularly make use of our Library, choosing their own books to borrow and read, but the many book themed areas will be also used for a whole host of other activities, including reading groups, story telling sessions even puppet shows! Yes, we know – we can’t wait either!

Pirates will be joining us soon – look out for them!